Since 2004, VINA ENESOL's history

VINA ENESOL is the only company that is able to develop and mass-produce three major components on its own.

2021 ~

ㆍApproved for Automotive Electronic Parts of BYD
ㆍApproved for LED lighting of Samsung Electronics
ㆍStarting mass production of Hybrid Capacitor

2018 ~

ㆍSupply 100V products for 5G communication device
ㆍVINA Group acquired ENESOL Co., Ltd
ㆍApproved for Automotive Electronic Parts of Delphi
ㆍSupply 25 to 50 V products for 5G communication devices

2014 ~

ㆍDeveloped 150V/10uF,200V/5uF High-Voltage Polymer Capacitor for the first time in the world.
ㆍApproved for Parts for NotePC Adaptors of Samsung Electronics

2008 ~

ㆍApproved for TA of Smartphones and tablet PCs of Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics.
ㆍApproved for LED TV of LG Electronics Developed 100V/68uF
ㆍPolymer Capacitor for the first time in the world

2004 ~

ㆍCertified ISO/TS16949 Attracted Foreign Investment(US$8,000,000)
ㆍApproved for LCD TV of Samsung Electronics
ㆍChosen as a parts and material development business entity (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
ㆍInvesting in five start-up investment companies in Korea (Samsung, LG, KDB, Hanwha and KTB)