I would like to introduce the values that have continuously been a part of VINA ENESOL since foundation in 2004.

First, 'leading technologies'
Next to Japan, VINA ENESOL has successfully commercialized macromolecule capacitors in the world market. VINA ENESOL is the only company that is able to develop and mass-produce three major components on its own, mainly the core raw materials of conductive macromolecules, macromolecule capacitor parts to which the conductive macromolecule is applied, and cutting-edge automation facilities used in manufacturing the materials and the parts. Our superior technology has been proven by the successful performance of our products on various goverment assignments related to the development of macromolecule capacitors as well as overseas exports and attractions of investments on the macromolecule capacitor production technologies. With the successful performance of our products, VINA ENESOL has excelled beyond Japan and is now taking the leading position in the worldwide marketplace.

Second, 'Zero-defect quality'.
VINA ENESOL assists our valued customers who develop convergence electric and electronic devices by supplying our parts to them for the purpose of creating high-performance and multifunctional devices and thereby supporting the development of the business of the consumers as well. Aside from VINA ENESOL's superior product performance and zero-defect quality assurance, the company also implements a strict quality control system. In addition VINA ENESOL focuses on the strives to observe quality management from production to distribution. Under the slogan that protecting and satisfying customers and consumers will also benefit us in the same way, VINA ENESOL always practices strict quality management on all worksites.

Third, 'customized products and on-time delivery'.
VINA ENESOL prioritizes manufacturing and sales that focus on valuable, high-end products. For this purpose, VINA ENESOL has developed and operated its own unique production facility in order to convert production lines in accordance with customized specifications promptly, ensuring a flexible production process. As such, VINA ENESOL has been striving to deliver customized products promptly so as to respond and address customer requests and ensure their satisfaction.

The core values of VINA ENESOL are realized through its unique business spirit "Sincerity and Loyalty." The center of VINA ENESOL is "People". VINA ENESOL is a company of people who gather to develop technologies and manufacture and sell products. We respect the basic logic that new technologies can be created and reliable quality can be provided when all people in a company, such as VINA ENESOL, work together with sincerity and royalty. With this, we are able to keep our valued customers satisfied.

VINA ENESOL to ensure that we operate as a company that manufactures materials and parts in relation to energy storage. Therefore, we are expanding our business range by including cylinder-type aluminum macromolecule capacitors, layered-type aluminum macromolecule capacitors, and double-layered electric capacitors in the conductive macromolecule materials for macromolecule capacitors we already provide. VINA ENESOL has also been striving to include our customer's value in our development by growing together with these valued people. With all these, we will continue to develop as a world leader in the industry of macromolecule capacitors.
Thank you.