Why the Aluminum Polymer Capacitors?

VINA ENESOL has developed the Aluminum Polymer capacitors that the solid electrolyte contains an electro-conductive polymer as essential constituent. This product is named the EneCap™. The conductive polymer does not use liquid electrolyte that they will not dry out, leak, or suffer gas buildup and burst. The benefits of EneCap™ on the circuit level over the standard liquid aluminum capacitors are as follows.

Electric storage parts manufacturing technology

Division Competitiveness Competitive advantage cause
Uniqueness ㆍKorea's only manufacturer of polymer capacitors
ㆍMonthly production capacity: : 20Mpcs for 5Φ single product
ㆍSelf-development of materials, processes, and facilities -> Highest productivity
ㆍRespond to development of various electrode platforms according to products -> Best cost competitiveness
Technical ㆍDeveloped the world's first 100V high voltage product (2012)
ㆍDeveloped the world's only 200V class high voltage product (2017)
ㆍDeveloped 150 ℃ Warranty Aluminum Hybrid Capacitor for Automotive Electronics (2021)
ㆍExcellent product understanding with self-development of key materials, processes and facilities → Unique process
ㆍAl electrolytic capacitor, TA capacitor and supercapacitor-related expertise and mixed technology development
Quality ㆍ125 ℃ / 5,000hrs, 105 ℃ / 50,000hrs warranty
ㆍ-55 ~ 150 ℃ temperature guarantee
ㆍExcellent product understanding with self-development of key materials, processes and facilities → Unique process
ㆍVarious electrode platforms → Customized product response technology
Product Diversity ㆍ2.5V to 150V Wide Voltage Range
ㆍDiameter 5~10㎜×Height 5~16㎜ Various products
ㆍSpecialization in polymer polymerization process → Simultaneous implementation of various products
ㆍCore equipment self-made → Best compatibility, part commonality
Delivery ㆍDevelopment sample : 1 week
ㆍMass production delivery : 4 weeks / ≥ 1Mpcs
ㆍSpecializes in high speed, simple and low cost production process → 5 times production speed compared to competitors
ㆍCore equipment self-made → Excellent compatibility

Shape and Structure

Essential passive component For multi-functional and high performance digital devices
Basic performance eliminating of Ripple, wide-band frequency filtering, switching power smoothing

[ Outside View ]

[ Inside View ]

[ Solid Capacitor ]

[ Hybrid Capacitor ]

Electric storage parts Manufacturing technology

Techology Technical contents Market status
Polymer Capacitor Conductive polymer applied capacitor manufacturing technology ㆍApplied to all industrial fields such as automotive, communication equipment, video equipment, and industry
ㆍLeading technology with Japanese companies based on high-voltage, high-reliability technology
Hybrid Capacitor Polymer electrolyte + liquid electrolyte applied capacitor manufacturing technology ㆍRapid gowth in the automotive market
ㆍActive development of Japanese companies
ㆍStarted mass production on 2021
Super Capacitor Winding type capacitor manufacturing technology using electric double layer ㆍRapid growth in the market with ESS and battery assist
ㆍJapaness company leading technology
ㆍActive production of domestic NESS and VINATECH